A quick introduction of who am I!.

My name is Ian Bates I live in Larne, County Antrim Northern Ireland.

I was born in the South of England and lived there for all my working life, On my retirement from full time employment as a Truck Driver, I focused most of my energies to building my other interest as a business owner with my chosen company.


This is why this website is here!, I am offering you the opportunity to join me in this adventure, By building a secure income and learning how to do this. Of course you will be learning at the same time as You are earning a small but useful income, All you need to do to qualify!.

 Is work on your new business for an hour each day to make a success of it.

To find out how!, Contact me for an easy explanation with no pressure from me!. After all it's your life, Not mine. I can promise you this though.

ALL the help you need to get started is on offer!.
Find the links for this on my main contact page.

‚ÄčSee you inside.............Ian.