Left is a picture of our base Drinking Gel Aloe Vera with 4 delicious flavours to choose from.

That is just the start!. We have 300+ items to choose from____________

This includes a whole range of our Fantastic


Well Being Products, Daily Supplements

For Adults and Children.

Skin creams, Including health creams.

Our Beauty Range, Super Cosmetics Range

Health Supplements for every age. 

Weight Control Shakes and food bars

Diet Control  Drinks to include our energy drinks in cans and handy pouches.

Holiday sun protection creams and lip seals

4 Natural Massage Oils 

Animal and bird sprays to aid repair after injuries, Contains Lanolin and Aloe Vera.

Oh! and so much more, There is something for everyone no matter Your age!.

A business in a box is on offer for those that qualify to join us. Customers are always welcome to join us as well!. Contact Ian for more information and a first class Catalogue