Who am I?

My name is Ian Bates, I have been writing wills for my clients for 20+ years after starting off in the financial services area of planning. during this time I became aware that many of my clients did not hold a last will & testament drawn up, most people that actually held a will, found it to be out of date for the changing situations of the day. In view of the fact that I wanted to give "Best Practice Advice", I decided to branch out and cover this vital area for many of my clients, almost all of them were happy to invite me into their home to get this task completed. Since those days in and around my home County of Kent, I have helped many people to gain peace of mind, To date I feel that this total would be in excess of perhaps 250 Wills for almost as many families, So! in view of this I am qualified to help you complete YOUR Wills, Let me help you, there are usually just 2 meetings to cover this task.     CONTACT ME NOW TO GET YOURS DONE.

Our people make the difference.

My team of experienced lawers is dedicated to providing award-winning service to my personal clients. We take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve. We're proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for help and information when changes are required. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients loyalty every day. We're here to help you enjoy peace of mind by completeing the task you have asked me to help you with, Drafting Wills and other aspects of estate & funeral planning.


I offer the best personal service in the local home visiting business, hands down. I  pride myself in maintaining a personal feeling by treating each visit with careful consideration and a personal guarantee of a discreet professional approach.  no problem is out of reach, my legal experts can help you find a solution.

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